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Предпроектные исследования в Москве Pre-study

The necessary step of any development - analysis of existing products on the market, as well as the needs and desires of the target audience. Their understanding is the foundation of a successful product.

Промышленный дизайн в Москве Industrial design

Product appearance, design and ergonomics are defined at the stage of sketching. The task of designers - to take into account both aesthetic and technological product requirements.

Трехмерное моделирование в Москве 3D modeling

After agreeing on product design sketches begin work on implementation. The first step - the creation of three-dimensional surface model. The most important at this stage - to reproduce a screen that was previously only flat pattern.

Трехмерное сканирование в Москве 3D scanning

Precision scanning of virtually any physical object is used to digitize the surfaces of the products, parts or layout.

Прототипирование в Москве Prototyping

Creation of the first working samples or demonstration prototypes using 3D printing technology, CNC of materials as close as possible to the content of the finished product.

Инжиниринг в Москве Engineering

Design studies considering specifications in terms of production, assembly, extreme exploitation. The engineers of our company know how to ensure the quality of design, without sacrificing design. The result is a work of reference and all necessary technical documentation, the 3D model in the format of STP and drawings.

Технологическая проработка в Москве Technological study

Technological study of the project is a continuation of work on the design of the product. At this point, it determined what technical methods and means to be manufactured product finally determined by its cost and the economy of production.

Производство в Москве Production

Our company has for many years successfully offers the service of designing and manufacturing of all types of molds for molding on injection molding machines. Small-scale and large-scale casting in Russia and in China.

Авторский надзор в Москве Supervision

Supervision is a set of actions aimed at monitoring compliance with the artistic, technical, technological and quality of decisions and actions carried out by the contractor in the implementation of the design object.