Terminal INPAS for Paypass


Разработать дизайн и конструкцию вандалоустойчивого терминала бесконтактной оплаты для серийного производства.

What is done :

Industrial design, 3D modeling, design development, prototyping.

Terminal Inpas - a new device that is about to appear in public transport in our country. Based on the new technology of method of fare, the machine allows you to forget about the paper ticket and counting trips left on the card.

In the design of the terminal payment of public transport most had to think of the two requirements, some even conflicting with each other: on the one hand, the instrument must be antivandal, on the other hand - it should be easily opened for routine maintenance and repair. The work was produced and tested several options for the design and prototype the two "egg" even broken. But as a result of hard work it has been manufactured the product for which you can not survive.