Cardiograph Makset Line

From sketch to series

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Modern technologies are coming into medicine. Company Makset Line creates infrastructure and solutions for telemedicine.  

Mobile cardiograph - the first step toward affordable health care.




Portable ECG Makset Line allows users to shoot a full 12-lead ECG in any place and at any time. Data transmission to the database is performed automatically by any available communication networks.

Simplify to use, light weight and compact size, excellent ergonomics. Specifically designed for ease of use by elderly patients. Timeliness and accuracy - the main advantages of a portable electrocardiograph, which allows you to capture and examine the changes in the heart muscle at the right time. 




промышленный дизайн

– The ability to consult with your doctor via videoconference
– The mechanism of reminders about taking the medicine, and other scheduled events


– Self control of vital parameters
– Data transfer to storage and processing center over a wireless interface

– Centralized storage of medical records and appointments
– Keeping of electronic card of the patient
– Request for admission of the doctor via web-portal


– Self access to the patient's medical history and the results of measurements of the web-portal from any PC and mobile devices      




Conceptual design project



Ergonomics is above all




Design development