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Industrial Design Studio Art-Up offers services for the development of high-quality design. We are the team of experienced designers, engineers and technologists. We solve the problem of creation and serial production of medical equipment, electronic devices and modern gadgets, household goods, packaging and transport since 2005.

The debate about the role and impact of industrial design in the commercial success of the product does not fade away, probably never. Especially in our country there is popular belief that the most important thing in the product its function, not design. "It works, so it's enough!" - We hear from inventors and domestic manufacturers. Of course, the functionality and quality is the most important thing in the product.
It is important thing, but not the only thing that is critcial in production of a new product.

For some reason, it assumed that the design affects only the appearance of the device: its color, shape, type of surface, interface. In fact, industrial design determines the quality of the entire product. When developing products, we pay attention to the aesthetic, ergonomic, marketing, engineering and technology requirements.

What is the result of the work on the design? What aspects of the products we develop ourselves? What is the value of industrial design? We will try to classify these concepts.

The most important feature - ease of use, which emphasizes the function of the product. Form follows Function - the principle of industrial designers and architects since the beginning of the 20th century. That means that only the form of justified, which is derived from the functional requirements.

They say that the first impression about the man folded in 30 seconds. When we talk about the product - the first attitude is generated even faster. Design - one of the most well-working tool of positioning. When the product is on the shelf, we do not yet have the ability to test and evaluate it, we see only its design. But accurate appearance tells us: "This company produces the product quality from start to finish".

High product quality = long service life, a lot of direct and indirect benefits from the use of fun. What else is needed? Exactly a product, we want to choose.